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Yes, such a thing exists! You can collect sunlight on your roof and funnel it via fiber optics to different rooms in your house – completely eliminating the need for artificial lighting. One company, called Sunlight Direct, even combines sunlight transport with fluorescents and a photovoltaic energy system - so during the day your lamp emits real sunlight from outside, but at night emits fluorescent light, powered by the solar panels. Can’t believe it? Check out:

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When we first saw discovered this amazing technology, we instantly wondered why no one has come up with a sunlight transport device before. The technology has been around for awhile, and the idea is so fabulous, you would think we would all have these in our homes by now. Swedish company Parans has developed a system of rooftop solar panels that collect sunlight and then transport it via fiber optic cables to illuminate light-deprived rooms inside a house. The light emitting luminaries, which hang from the ceiling like lamps, give off a mixture of parallel light beams and ambient light, which changes as the sunlight outside changes, resembling the dappling of sunlight through trees. Hence the name “Bjork” which is Swedish for Birch tree (No it doesn’t mean Icelandic pop star). The idea is that by bringing outdoor natural light inside a house, you will be able to re-establish a connection with the outside environment, even in the absence of windows or skylights. This sounds like a great idea for New Yorkers, with all the tiny lightless apartments out there. I want one! My one window faces a brick wall. NYC Developers take note.

SUNLIGHT DIRECT - Sunlight Transportation for the home

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Nothing in the realm of new technology is more exciting than sunlight transportation. Since sunlight is our most infinitely renewable resource, it’s amazing that it has taken us so long to start developing hi-tech lighting and energy systems around it. Like Parans, the Swedish sunlight transport system we covered a couple months back, Sunlight Direct is a fiber-optic sunlight transportation system designed so you can collect sunlight on a roof, and then bring it into the interior of a building to illuminate a dark room. Unlike Parans, Sunlight Direct also incorporates Hybrid Solar Lighting (HSL) - the storage of solar energy to power fluorescent tubes in cases of low sunlight, such as on cloudy days, or at night.

Sunlight Direct uses a parabolic mirror to collect sunlight. The system then filters out the heat-causing UV light, and pipes the remaining natural light into interior spaces via fiber optic lines. Currently the light can only be sent about 30 feet or so due to loss of light as it travels through the lines. One unit delivers 50,000 lumens, or roughly the equivalent amount of light needed to illuminate 1000 square feet.


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We love sunlight transportation devices here at Evolve Integration. Some of our favorite developments this year have been things like Parans Sunlight Transportation system, and the Sunlight Table designed by two students from the RCA. Now the ingenious idea of bringing natural light indoors is moving out of the experimental labs and into contemporary home furnishings with Luceplan’s  Zeno Lamp.

Designed by Italian architects Diego Rossi and Raffaele Tedesco, the Zeno Lamp brings natural sunlight indoors through a system of light collectors and fiber-optic cables. The true beauty of the Zeno lamp lies in its flexibility of use - not only can it pipe natural light indoors, but it can also be used with a wide variety of artificial light sources (fluorescent, halogen, halide) - insuring that you always have light - day or night. The sophisticated system uses the integration of natural and artificial light to create a variety of different colours and chromatic yields at varying temperatures and efficiencies.

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