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CFLs and energy-efficient lighting are all well and good – but why use artificial light at all when we all have access to a free, bright, renewable source of light in the sky? Of course, we need artificial light to function at night – but if our houses were well conceived and well designed in the first place, we would all have access to copious amounts of natural light through well-placed windows, skylights and translucent wall panels. Even without skylights and bay windows, architects can make light reflect deep into an interior space through strategic design and placement of windows. If we all had proper sources of natural light, we would spend a lot less on our energy bills and lead happier and healthier (and more circadianly-attuned) lives.

That would be the ideal scenario – but we recognizing that in the real world, most of us move into a place, and never get a lot of say in its design. (I personally live in New York City and I’ve never seen a Manhattan apartment that gets enough natural daylight.) So if you are living in the dark, don’t fret. There are a lot of things you can do to bring more natural light into your space:

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Add a window or skylight

You may not have the option of renovation – but if you do, now is a perfect time to take it. There are a lot of great new translucent insulating building products coming on to the market which will allow you to let light into your home without letting heat in (or out) – a typical concern with skylights and large windows of the past.

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