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LED Lighting
LEDs or light emitting diodes are more than just little light bulbs – they are a revolution in lighting. They allow us to do things with light that were previously impossible. With LEDs you’re free to create any lighting effect or installation you can imagine.

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Benefits of LEDs

LEDs offer many advantages over traditional bulbs. Exactly which ones are important will depend on the specific application, but they include:
  • General benefits
    * Very long lifetimes (50,000 hours)
    * Lower maintenance costs
    * More efficient than incandescent and halogen lamps
    * Light up instantly
    * Fully dimmable without color variation
    * Directly emit colored light without filters
    * Complete spectrum of colors
    * Dynamic color control and tunable white point

  • Design benefits
    * Total design freedom with hidden light
    * Vivid, saturated colors
    * Directed light for more efficient systems
    * Robust, vibration-proof lighting

  • Environmental benefits
    * No mercury
    * No IR or UV radiation in visible light
How do they work?
An LED is a semiconductor device. When a current is supplied to an LED, electrons move through the semiconductor material and some of them fall into a lower energy state. In the process, the ‘spare’ energy is given off as light. The wavelength (and hence color) of the light can be tuned to almost anything by using different semiconductor materials and manufacturing processes. Furthermore, the wavelength spread of the emitted light is relatively narrow, giving much purer colors.

Currently, most LEDs are made of traditional, compound semiconductor materials such as gallium nitride (GaN). However, LEDs made from organic materials (OLEDs) are also beginning to appear. Those made from polymers (often called PLEDs or PolyLEDs) offer many of the benefits of traditional LEDs and can be made into bendable light sources.

Please note, currently real yellow LEDs aren’t available but this color can be easily obtained by combining LEDs of different colors e.g. red and green

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