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Evolve Integration Pty Ltd, one of Australias leading automation contractors, having been involved in many of Australia’s premier projects can offer a comprehensive range of quality services tailored to meet our clients requirements.

Evolve Integration Pty Ltd provides services such as:
  • full conceptual design,
  • detailed design and design advice,
  • cost planning and estimating,
  • detailed planning and management,
  • detailed co-ordinated drafting,
  • installation
  • full commissioning &
  • efficient 24 hour service.
All of these services are provided by our highly experienced and dedicated employees.

Evolve Integration Pty Ltd offers to all our clients the latest installation equipment, a motivated team of office and site employees, all combined into one cohesive co-ordinated package.
Our Team...
Together for over 7 years, Evolve's primary asset is its team.
Having taken countless projects from concept to market, we realise that being on the cutting edge of technology and providing a complete "one stop" solution is the key to success.

Often working in conjunction with external and geographically remote manufacturers, our team of technical experts possess the experience necessary to bring the most demanding projects from start to completion both on time and with exceptional quality.

Our Vision...

To inject technology into everyday life and delight our clients with smarter ways of living and working through power, control and information solutions.
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Passive solar systems involve no moving parts and are used to heat buildings. Some of the strategiets include proper building orientation with respect to the sun; appropriate types, sizes and locations of windows; overhangs sized to prevent summer overheating; and the incorporation of thermal mass to store heat.

Solar-thermal systems are most often used for space heating or to heat water. These systems require mechanical circulation of the working fluid - typically air or water, or a glycol/water mixture.

Photovoltaics convert sunlight into electricity and can be used to power lights, appliances, and any other equipment that uses electricity. Photovoltaics can either be connected directly to the electrical grid or to batteries for storage.

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Evolve Integration
Evolve Integration
Your home is about living. With a C-Bus system your house can become a smart home, providing an enhanced lifestyle of entertainment, convenience, comfort and security.

Imagine pressing a ‘welcome home’ button on remote control, as you pull into your driveway and having your pathway, front port and hallway lights turn on. Your Air conditioner begins to warm or cool your living room.

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Evolve Integration
Evolve Integration
Evolve Integration
Evolve Integration One of the most convenient features of an automated home stem from a utomated lighting which utilise C-Bus intelligent sensors.

The C-Bus system monitors sunset and sunrise according to season, this allows for some smart scheduling to be structured around your lifestyle.

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Evolve Integration
Evolve Integration Monochrome or colour touch screens tie in the entire control system and allow for a single point of control for anything attached to C-Bus. From this central point you will be able to control any feature tied into your automated home.

From this central point you will be able to control any feature tied into your automated home.
Evolve Integration
Security to you and your family is of the utmost importance, we offer the most highly tested and proven security systems available.

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